mammogram screening in Hackettstown

What Is A Mammogram?

mammogram screening in Hackettstown

The mammogram is an x-rayed diagram of the female breast. Local women are recommended to schedule an appointment for periodic mammogram screening in Hackettstown. It is usually at the behest of their general practitioners as well as specialist practitioners. Even transgendered women would do well to heed this sound advice. Because whilst it may not necessarily be atypical to what is referred to as a cisgender woman, cancer of the breast could strike them as well.

But in the event, the specialist medical practitioner is looking out for any early signs of breast cancer. And indeed, while this event would certainly be rare, breast cancer could affect men as well. In order for the mammograms to be successful any potential (early) signs of breast cancer need to be detected at least three years before it fully manifests itself in the human body. And in the event, the mammogram patient will be required to stand in front of a specialized x-ray machine.

The medical examiner places the patient’s breast on a plastic plate. Another plate will be pressing the patient’s breast firmly from an elevated position. The plates will then flatten the breast in order to ensure that it remains stationary whilst the x-ray is taken. The patient will feel some pressure. Steps are repeated in order to capture a rear view of the breast. Next, the examiner checks the x-rays to ensure that the examination process does not need to be repeated.

It does, however, remain unfortunate that the mammogram remains uncomfortable for a majority of patients. Indeed, some patients tend to find the examination process rather painful. But on the positive side, the mammogram only lasts a few moments. And discomfort is quick-lived. It has to be said further that the mammogram exam is also influenced by the examiner’s skillset.